Can’t wait to read Book 2! Wow! What a unique point of view The Drakon offers. Poignant and familiar, yet other-worldly, this story is NOT another Twilight. The parallels of high school and Roses ‘other’ life are intriguing and relateable.

Imaginary worlds often fall flat, but Coyle has a knack for inviting readers into another realm full of enchanting settings they won’t want to leave.

I really think this is a great book as a YA novel, but as an adult, I have no problem saying I loved it and couldn’t put it down.

I would recommend The Drakon to anyone who appreciates beautiful prose and creative characters that bring nostalgia to older readers and satisfaction you the younger ones.”

-Relatively Rebecca

“[The Drakon Series, Volume I] is worth at least three dollars.”

-Someone, probably