The World of Zephyrus

Zephyrus consists of the continental United States, as inhabited by Mythos and governed by the Zondervan dynasty.

Before Zephyrus was incorporated, Mythos (such as elves and griffins) created territories for themselves and ruled only within their home borders. When conflicts between Mythos arose, it was customary for the affected to consult a drake for mediation of the dispute. Drakon have long been viewed by other Mythos as the wisest of their kind, and the drake’s judgement in these cases was considered absolute.

This practice gave way to drakes ruling over larger areas of land and keeping peace within their territories in exchange for treasure, valuable information, magic, and other services. Eventually, the drakes began to war amongst themselves for power, allying themselves with other Mythos and recruiting them for battle.

Today, the Zondervans hold the Zephyran throne, and dispense justice from New York. But their reign is not so assured. The War of Western Rebellion was not so long ago that some rebels may not still enjoy the idea of a Western government (as Rose is about to find out).